Irish Deeds 1717-1877

The Registry of Deeds was begun in 1708 with the express purpose of registering property in order to exclude Catholics from direct ownership. The Penal Laws which were not always thoroughly enforced were not relaxed until 1782 so there are hardly any Catholic records prior to that date.  Luckily all the records are intact and none were affected by the explosions in the national archives at the Four Courts in 1922.

The records are searchable with the help of two major indexes: one for surnames; one for locations. The index based on surnames, "The Grantors' Index" was begun in 1708 and is arranged by name of the Grantor - the person, or persons, selling the property.

The index based on locations, "The Lands' Index" was begun in 1832. and can be searched by townland organised by either county or barony. 
When a deed was signed and witnessed a copy, "Memorial", was made and sent to the Registry of  Deeds. These memorials were then transcribed into the large ledgers which are now used for genealogical research.  Registration of a deed usually happened within a month of the event. Although Registration was recommended it was not a legal obligation so not every transaction was recorded.


Having found a reference to a John Reilly amongst the Irish papers at the Society of Genealogists,  my brother Mike and myself, visited the Registry of Deeds at Kings Inn Buildings, Dublin, early in the 1990s. Below is a list of deeds we found relating to our Reilly Ancestors.  At the Record Office we also found many of our Reilly family  in the Wills lists but sadly all the originals were destroyed in the 1922 troubles.




1717    Reilly to Peppard Registered 1 February 1717 Noon.

Book 20 p211 10447

Deed of conveyance dated 20 December 1717 between Walter Reily of Castletown, Kilpatrick Meath Gent one part and Jacob Peppard of the City of Dublin Esq. Reciting whereas John Willett Gent son and heir of Richard Willett late of Islington in the County of Middlesex in Great Britain dec’d did by deeds of lease release bearing date 10 & 11 May 1708 in sum of £130 sterling to him in hand paid by the said Jacob Peppard Town & Lands of Cloghmacae als Cloghmacone situate in the Barony of Mayergallen Meath. The said John Willats Walter Reilly alleges the said Richd Willet did by indenture dated 27 February 1691 demise all his lands in the Kingdom of Ireland unto the said John Willet his executors from the day next for 99 years  And whereas the said Walter Reily also alleges that the said John Willet by indenture dated 4 march 1691 in consideration of a marriage to be soon afterwards between him the said John Willet and Hannah Holford one of the daughters of Thos Halford Citizen and Baker of London and of a marriage portion of £800 to him the said John Willet in hand paid did in the lifetime of the said Richd Willet grand and assign for the term of 99 years unto Humphry Willet of London Merchant to Wm Hunt Citizen and Haberdasher after the deaths of the said John Willet and Hannah then in trust for the maintenance and education of such child or children and the said John & Hannah are now dead and left three daughters Mary, Hannah and Martha Willet to whom the interest on the term of 99 years   Whereas the said Walter Reilly that married the said Mary Willet and in her is entitled to one third part of the said term Walter Reilly has purchased Martha’s part. Said Walter Reilly & Mary his wife or by the said  Willet & John Reilly her husband Humphrey Willet & Wm Hunt [ended here in my notebook]


1717  Reilly  to Kean   [19/76/9707]    

Deeds of lease and release indented bearing date 5 & 6 Sept 1717 between 1)John Reilly of the City  of  Dublin  Gent  and Edward Kean of the same City Gent  John  Reilly  released  in  sum  £200 sterling formerly paid by the said Edward Keen for  which the said John Reilly together with  Terence  Reilly  of  the sd City of Dublin Brewer effected unto him the sd  Edward  Keen a bond and warrant of attorney  for  confessing  judgment bearing date 1 June 1714 of the penalty of £400  was  entered  in the Court of Common Pleas  Michelmas Term  in  the  second  year of his majesty ......ground situate west side of  Capell street in the suburbs of the City of Dublin together  with  a large Malt House erected by the said John Reilly  inheritance  invested in the said John Reilly by virtue of deeds of  lease and release by Thomas Pleasants of the sd  City  Alderman  30  June 1715  Also property on south side of  Abbey  street  and  Malt House and House late  in  possession  Mrs  Lyons  widow,  house late  possession  of Wm Dowy  Carpenter  and  all  said  premises the sd John Reilly hath by his indenture  and  lease of 5 March 1715 demised  to  Thomas  Duffy  Gent  house  late occupied by Widow  Byers Abbey Street  south  side  99  years  from 29 September 1711

Witnessed William Cane & George Clanchy City Dublin Gents

 Mem.Wit. George Clanchy and William Cane 7 Sept 1717


1717    Reilly to White Registered 23 December 1717 at 4 pm      [20 p184 1025]

5 & 6 December 1717 between Walter Reily of Castletown Kilpatrick in Meath Gent and Mary Reily als Willet his wife of the one part and James White of Pitchford Kildare.  Witnessed by Hugh Reilly of Ballenlogh in County Westmeath Esq. and Michael  Byrne of the City of Dublin and Joseph Cruise of Cruisetown in County Meath Gent


1718    [21/554/12486]

Memorial of a deed poll dated 2 January 1718  registered  the 19 Dec 1718  Henry Arkwright of Dublin Esq. at the request  of Thomas Jackson of same City consideration sum of £330  to  be paid to John Reilly on a  tenement  wherein   Terence  Reilly Brewer then dwelled situate in Proper Lane  in  Oxmantown  in the suburbs of this City all the  Malthouses  Brewhouses  and outhouses belonging to Henry Arkwright

Wit.  John  Franke  City  Dublin  Gent  William  Barry   City  Scrivener


1723  Reilly to Reilly    registered 7 November l732 before noon [71/107/49314]  

Mem and indenture deed  of assignment of  a  lease  for  which deed bears date  6  November  1732  between  John  Reilly  of  Wardhill als Hill of Ward in County Meath Gent   John  Reilly of the City of Dublin Esq. land called  Agheivee  in  Cavan  a  lease made between Thos.Nesbit  of  Lismore  Cavan  and  John Reilly of Ward Hill

Witn by Rich Nugent  of Dublin Merchant and Philip Reilly of  Virginia  Cavan Gent


1733    Earl of Fingall to Reilly         [Book 75 page 214 52631]

Earl of Fingall to Reilly Registered 11 day February 1733.

Indenture and lease dated 4 January 1733 between Justin Plunkett commonly called the Rt Hon Earl of Fingall on the one part and Walter Reily of Castletown in Meath Gent of the other part  Demise sell and farm let unto Walter Reily his executors all that and those the Town Lands of Robinstown with its appurtenances situate in the Manor of Killiskear and County of Meath 250 acres of plantation and as now held by John Reilly and his under tenants for 99 years from 1 November 1732 yearly rent of £75.12s.  Witnessed    Dominick Plunkett City Dublin.   Andrew Kennedy


1740     Macartney to Reilly Reg 10 Feb 1740 5pm [103/72/70686]

Memorial of a declaration of Trust dated 9 Feb. 1740  made  by Wm.Macartney of Newrath Meath yeoman  and  Martha  Reilly  of  Robinstown  Meath  widow  and  relict  of  John  Reilly  decd reciting that  Wm. Macartney 7 Feb 1740 did exhibit  his  bill  in the Chancery side of his Majesties Court of  Exchequer  in Ireland against Martha Reilly  Hugh  Reilly  of  Ballinlough  in   Westmeath Esq. and others as a protestant discoveries for  the  recovery of the benefit of the lease of Robinstown  aforesaid and the several leases made thereof as by the said  Bill  may appear by which  said  declared  and  trust  by  Wm. Macartney acknowledged confessed declared that the said Bill so  styled by his was and is in Trust and for the sole use  and  benefit  and behoofe of Martha Reilly and thereby  by  his   administration declared covenant and agreed to  and  with  the  said  Martha Reilly her adms that on obtaining a decree in the said  cause he the said Wm Macartney will convey and assign  such  decree   or decrees to Martha Reilly and will at  any  time  or  times  hereafter execute and effect such writing deed conveyance for  the purpose aforesaid as council learned on the law on behalf  of Martha Reilly herself shall reasonably  advise  devise  or require  him  Macartney  shall  not  at  any  time  or  times  hereafter consend to have the said Bill dismissed or  in  any  manner release or put a stop to the  said  Bill  without  the  consent first hand in writing from the said Martha Reilly and thereby the said Wm Macartney bound him his heirs executors and administrators to the Martha Reilly her executors and administrators £2000 sterling to  perform  covenant promise and  agreement  and  appoint  authorize  and  empower Martha Reilly as his true lawful prevocable  attorney

Witnessed by Hugh Reilly of Castletown Meath  Thomas  Walshop   Dublin yeoman 9 Feb l740


1743    Reilly to Reilly  as above      [110/196/76547]

 John of Ward Hill and John Reilly Dublin  registered  18  May 1743

Wit  Rob't Farrell of  City  Dublin  Merchant  and  Valentine Kaven Dublin Gent


1744       Lucas & Reilly  Registered 3 July 1744   [116/27/793l6]  

Dated 21.2.1743  Between Lucas and John Reilly Dublin gent mentioned land but not in Robinstown.


1752    Dillon to Dillon  [159/99/106129] Registered 30 December 1752 at 3pm  [183/514/123700]  1752

Richard Dillon of Dillonsgrove in County Roscommon of the one part  James Dillon of City of Dublin Esq.  Thomas O’Connor Gent of the other part Lewis Milltown Dillon Carrowgarry situate in Roscommon for 31 years commencing 1 November 1752 yearly sum of £130 English money by quarterly payments after his decease in like manner Maria Rebecca Dillon his wife shall pay unto Jeffery French of Leicester Fields in the County of Middlesex Esq. witnessed by John French of Middle Temple and Josiah Richardson of the same place Gentleman.


1755    Reilly to Reilly [178/270/118855]  Registered 12 November 1755 at 11 a.m.

Indenture Deed dated 3 November 1755 between Hugh Reilly Ballinlough Westmeath Esq. executor of Walter Reilly late of Castletown, Kilpatrick Meath gent dec’d, Martha Reilly widow and administrator of John Reilly late of Robinstown Meath Gent deceased, John Reilly Dublin Gent, Willet Reilly of Mulligar Westmeath Merchant


1757  Reilly to Reilly   [188/242/125400]   Registered 9 August 1757 at 6 pm

Reilly to Reilly     Dated 4 December 1755

1) Martha Reilly of Robinstown in Meath widow 2)  John  Reilly City of Dublin Gent the eldest son of the said Martha  Reilly  reciting whereas George Edmond Howard of the  City  of Dublin Esq. by his Indenture lease bearing date  4 December 1755 sum of £800  to  him  advanced  and  paid  by  Willet  Reilly  of Mullingar in County Westmeath Merchant  demised and set  unto Willet Reilly all that those town and lands of Robinstown 400 acres in parish of  Kilskeer  Meath   at  a  yearly  rent  of £246.l5s payable half yearly

Witnessed: Chapman Huddleston  Harper Horvey both of Dublin

Memorial wit. Chapman Huddleston and Cooper Carr.


1758   Reilly to Reilly            [199/474/132976]  

Memorial indented deed of mortgage bearing dated 4  September 1758 between Jn Reilly of City of Dublin gent  Martha  Reilly of the sd City widow reciting transfer  and  make  over  unto Martha Reilly all  the  townlands  of  Robinstown  252  acres situate in the Parish of Killskeer Meath  term  of  3l  years  granted by George Edmond Howard of the City of Dublin Esq. to Willet Reilly of Mullingavin Westmeath merchant lease dated 4 December 1755 subject to Jn Reilly paying unto Martha  Reilly the yearly sum of £40 by half yearly payments during her life

witnessed by Harper Harvey Dublin gent    Chas.Farrell  Doc of  Physk  21 July 1759


1759   Reilly to Brown Registered 20 June 1759 at 5pm    [200/72/132581]

A memorial lease dated 20 June 1759 between  John  Reilly  of the City of Dublin Gent of the one part, and Anthony Brown of Dysartaly in Westmeath, Gent, whereby the  said  John  Reilly demised unto the said Anthony Browne all that and  those  the town and land or  Robinstown  containing  395  acres  in  the  Parish of Kilskeer Meath to hold unto the said Anthony  Brown  his exec. and adm. 1 May 1759 for 26  years  yearly  rent  of £296.l5s payable half yearly on 1 Nov and 1 May.

Witnessed Christopher Abbot Dublin Gent  Thomas Dollard Dublin

writing clerk was this morning  signed  and  sealed  by  John Reilly in the presence of Christopher Abbott & Thos Dollard 20 May 1759 at 5 pm.


1790   Reilly to Cruise           [427/4/277022] 

6 September 1790 John Reilly City of Dublin Yeoman on the one part Joseph Cruise of the City of Dublin Esq. of the other part reciting that whereas Hugh Reilly late of Newgrove in the County of Meath Esq. dec’d did in his last will executed 6 October 1784 amongst other legacies and bequests bequeath unto John Reilly by the name of the one of the children of sister Honora the sum of £100 the will did nominate and appoint ….Corbet his niece Mary Reilly the legacy of £100 was signed over by John Reilly and Joseph Cruise. Witnessed K J Doherty  Daniel McNamara


1793   Glaman to Nugent 24 May 1793        [480/316/304667] 

Mary Glanman widow exec. of Thomas Glanman William  Nugent of Ushers Quay butter merchant  lands  Hartstown  and  Coatstown Meath held and possessed by Hugh George O'Reilly  and  Fran's Reilly to hold to William Nugent  for l0 years yearly rent of £500 paid 1 May and 1 Nov  between landlord  and tenant  duly  executed by Mary Glanman and William Nugent wit  Hugh  George O'Reilly George Cullen Timothy O'Brien City of Dublin gents

Memorial wit. Timothy O'Brien  Robert Walsh  Monday  6  March 1794 1pm


1797   Donaldson to Reilly   Deed 23 October 1797            [512/156/333097]

Between Richard Donaldson Esq. a Major in His Majesties Ninth Regt. of Dragoons of the first part Maria  Rebecca  Reilly  of the City of Dublin spinster only daughter of John Reilly late of Westhorpe Hall in Kingdom of Great  Britain  Esq.  deceased  2nd part and Brigadier Threockick Henneker Colonel of his Majesty's  ninth  Reg  of Dragoons and James Barlow Dublin  Esq.  3rd  part  reciting  that said Maria Rebecca Reilly was entitled to the rents  and profits of the lands of Hartstown and Coats Town in Co. Meath  during the life of Willet Reilly of Robertstown  in  Co. Meath  Esq. and  reciting  that  by  indenture  and  lease  dated  21 September 1796 between Michael Daniel Trustee of the Will  of Hugh Reilly late of  Hartstown  Meath  gent  lst  part  Denis Thomas O'Brien, Robt Roberts, Patrick Dempsy assignees of the estate of Hugh George Reilly a Bankrupt of the other part 525 acres 3 roods 5 perches 1 May last for 10 years  yearly  rent  £115.15s.9d reciting that said Denis  Thomas  O'Brien  Robert Roberts and Patrick Dempsey by indenture dated  24  September of the present year did in consideration  £l380  to  them  in     hand paid by said Joseph Farrar City Dublin assign the aforesaid land and leasehold lands of Hartstown and Coats Town  for  10 years and six months the said lands were purchased by him  in trust for the said Reba  Reilly and that the said  £l380  of        said RebaReilly and reciting that said  Maria  RebaReilly was entitled to the lands of Robinstown in the Co. Meath  held under terms of a lease dated  23  Nov  1780  made  by  George Edward Howard and the sd John Reilly for 41 years under the yearly rent of £370 recited that a marriage was  intended  to be had & solemnized between the said Richard  Donaldson  and  Maria RebaReilly this is a  Memorial  in  consideration  of  said marriage she the said  Maria  RebaReilly  did  thereby agree with the sd Bridges Kethicock Henniker and James Barlow then exec. etc that in case the sd marriage should take place she would within one year from the solemnizing of  the  said marriage grant assign all and every part of the  estates  and leases unto the sd Brydges Threockick Henniker & James Barlow upon the Trusts therein after mentioned.

Signed  in  presence of JoshCruise City Dublin  Esq.  Mary  Reilly  of  New  Row

 Co. Meath spinster dated 20 December 1797.


1806   Reilly to Donaldson    [580/194/393868] 

Deeds and lease release 7 and 8th  April  1806  made  between Thos.Reilly of  Bury  St.  Edmunds  in  Suffolk  England  Esq. Richard Donaldson of Clonmellon Co. Westmeath in  Ireland  Esq. indenture articles of agreement 5  April  1806  made  between Richard Donaldson and Maria Rebecca his wife and  Thos.Reilly of the other part of lands of Hartstown and Coatstown to said Richard Donaldson his heirs etc without impeachment of  waste as to trees or timber yearly rent of  £400  British  currency.  This Memorial witnessed by E.Sparke of Bury  St.Edmonds  and          James Menzies Dublin Gent attorney. Thomas Reilly in presence of James Menzies and E. Sparke 1 pm Wednesday 3 July 1806


1815  Reilly  to  Donaldson   dated  17  May  1815             [690/67/474015]  

Between Thos.Reilly then late of Bury St.Edmonds  in  Suffolk  but then residing in Preston in the Bay of Lancaster Esq.  and Richard Donaldson of Tullaghard  Co. Meath Esq.   Wm.Darley  of  York Street Dublin Gent 2 part John Farrar York St  in  Leity of Dublin Esq. 3rd part articles and agreement dated  5  April 1806 between sd Richard Donaldson and Maria Rebecca Donaldson otherwise Reilly his wife, sd Thomas Reilly  the  other  part  the said Thomas Reilly afterwards by indenture bearing date 8 April 1806 demised unto the said Richard the town  and  lands of Hartstown &  Coalstown  to  hold  unto  the  said  Richard  Donaldson rent £400 and that by  the  articles  it  had  been  agreed that the  said  Thos.Reilly  should  lease  he  should   survive John Taylor Reilly his eldest brother  then  tenansil tail in passon said lands expectant on whose  death  sd  Thos  was entitled to an estate John Taylor  Reilly  departed  this  life the 9 September 1811  intestate  unmarried  and  without  issue and thereupon the said Thos Reilly became tenant in lane  in passon and sd Thomas Reilly being desirous to  carry  said agreement into effect to make a tenans  of  the  freehold  of said townlands that a recovery might  be  had  the  said  Thos Reilly and Richd Donaldson by the sd Wm Dailey they the  said Thos  Reilly  and  Richard  Donaldson  granted  released  and  confirmed  the  said  Wm  Darley  502  acres  and  38  perches   profitable land and 23 acres of 2 rod 2 perches  unprofitable land to have unto Wm Durley it was agreed the said  that  the said John Ferran should before the end of trinity  term  next  ensuing the date of the said indenture......

Thomas Reilly is witnessed by James Menzies of  the  City  of  Dublin attorney at law and by Patrick Connolly of Dublin Gent.  Thos Reilly signed delivered in presence of John Pilkington. Jas Menzies City Dublin Gent 1 June 1815 2pm  Francis Menzies          sworn  (NOTE name Pilkington)


1830   Donaldson others to Reilly   Registered 27.1.1830   [855/73/571074]        

Indenture deed  of  assignment  dated  20  Jan  1830  between Richard Donaldson formerly of Tullogland (?Tulloghand)  Meath  and lately of Tours in France but now of Clonmellon Westmeath  Esq.  Fleming  Pinkerton  O'Reily  formerly  of  Tullogland  in Co. Meath but  now  of  Thornhill  in  Co. Dublin  Esq.  whereby indenture dated l5.5.1729 between the Rev. Jonas  Elwood  city of Dublin Clerk  and  Hannah  Elwood  als  Willett  his  wife granted to Philip Whittingham of Castletown Kilpatrick  Meath all the lands in the lower part of  the  town  and  lands  of Castletown Kilpatrick 104 acres etc,etc. to hold to the  said Philip Whittingham £800 reciting indenture dated 12 June 1744 Jonas Elwood  and  Hannah  his  wife  in  consideration  £300 granted and leased ... pay back by  June  1744  made  between Rev. Michael Whittingham Kilpatrick Meath Clerk eldest son and heir and administrator of  the  Rev. Philip  Whittingham  then  dec'd  first part  said  Rev. Jonas  Elwood  and  Hannah  Elwood  and Margaret Elwood the daughter and only surviving issue of  the sd Jonah Elwood by Hannah Elwood als Willett  his  late  wife  2nd part Thos.Seclife and Hannah his  wife  3rd  part  Joseph   Fade  ?servant?  of  the  Leity  of  Dublin  Merchant  Robert  McMaster of the said Leity 4th part Reciting there was due  to Michael  Whittingham  £1200  paid  by  Joseph  Fade,   Robert McMaster by consent of Michael Scaife and Hannah his wife and Jonas Elwood Hannah and Mary Elwood  Townlands  and  Premises  deed dated 15 May 1729 and 12 June 1741 and the same deed now recited further witnesses that the said Jonas  Elwood  Hannah and Margaret Elwood grant unto Joseph Fade & Robert  McMaster 20  August  1751  made  between  said  l)Rev.Robert  McMaster 2)Thomas  Murtree  3)  Rev.Jonas  Elwood  Robt  Donaldson  of  Possextown Meath Farmer and Hannah Donaldson als  Elwood  his wife and Margaret  Elwood  spinster  which  said  Hannah  and  Margaret were the daughters and only  surviving  children  of the said Jonas Elwood by Hannah Elwood als Willett  his  late decd wife of 3rd part and the Hon Major General Thos.Bligh of         the Leity of city Dublin 3rd part 1 June 1744 on or about  15 June l77l said Thos.Bligh duly made and  published  his  last Will bequeathed unto his brother Robert Bligh  sole  exec.  of all  his  personal  estates  probate  granted  6  Sept   1776 bequeathed to his youngest son Robert Elphin  Bligh  appointed George Sealy of Bandon Co. Cork  and  Edward  Tighe  Leity  of  Dublin Exors and Edward Tighe duly died having  first  willed appointing George  William  Tighe  exor.  which  same  George Wm.Tighe who declined and omitted to dispose  of  the  goods and chattels of the said Thomas Bligh &  Rev.  Robert  Blighe and admon. was granted to Charles Hamilton about 26 May  1820 it was then vested in the said Rich. Donaldson for the term of his natural life was then vested in the said  Francis  Willet Hopkins his heirs and  assigns  1  Aug  1820  between  Thomas Cherbourgh Blighe of Buttes Meath elder son of  Robert  Bligh  who was the only brother and heir of major  Gen.Thomas  Bligh the land passed  to  Fleming  O'Reilly  executed  by  Richard Donaldson in  the  presence  of  Hugh  O'Reilly  and  William Donaldson of Blessington Street Dublin Esq. Richard  Donaldson 27 Jan l830.


1833    Donaldson to Marshall 20 November 1833  Reg: 10 December l833  [1833/20/262]

Between Richard Donaldson of Clonmellan Co Westmeath  Esq.  of the lst part Robert Donaldson of Clonmellan  in  Co.Westmeath Eldest  Son  of  Richard  Donaldson  of  the  2nd  part   the Rev.Cornelius Marshall of Catlage in Co.Tyrone Clerke of  the   3rd part James Jackson Marshall of Molesworth  St.Dublin  Esq. 4th part - they the said Richard Donaldson  Robert  Donaldson for the consideration will consign  to  the  above  Cornelius Marshall during the natural life of Robert  Donaldson  yearly   rent  £25.15s  8d  lawful  money  of  Gt.  Britain   Townlands Hartstown Coatstown 502 acres  38  perches  profitable  land 32 acres 2 roods unprofitable land in the barony of  Demifere Parish of Kellallan Co.Meath also all the town and  lands  of  Hartstown and Coatstown.


1835    Donaldson  O’Reilly  Memorial        [1836/4/274]  

8 Feb 1835 Reg 2 March l836 between Thomas Cherbourg Bligh of Brittas in Co. Meath Esq. eldest son  then  at  law  of  Robert  Bligh eldest son then at law of Hon Maj. Gen.  Thos.  Bligh  who was eldest son etc of the Hon Major Gen Thos Bligh formerly  of  Brittas of the  lst  part Fleming  Pinkerton  O'Reilly  of   Mountjoy Sq Co. Dublin Esq. of the 2nd part Thos Donaldson  and  William Donaldson both of Eccles St, Dublin Esq.  in  the  3rd  Robert Donaldson of Kingstown Co. Dublin Esq. 4th part.         Fleming Pinkerton O'Reilly released to Robert  Donaldson  all  that those one full and undivided moiety or  half  part  of  the  whole unto two equal parts being considered as divided et  al of those the lower part  of  town  and  lands  of  Castletown  Kilpatrick containing 104 acres profitable land 4 acres bog + Stokes Quarter containing 33 acres 3 roods profitable lands 2 acres 3 rods & 5 perches bog all situate  in  the  parish  of  Kilpatrick Barony of Morgallion Co. Meath + l moiety  or  half  part of all other lands in part recited ?mandris?  at  1  Aug 1827 and 17 Jan 1830 or either of  them  to  hold  the  land Robert  Donaldson  his  heirs  forever  discharged  from  the  mortgage to the executors by Fleming Pinkerton O'Reilly.


1836    Donaldson         Memorial 9 Feb 1836 Reg 2 March 1836 [1836/4/275]

Between Robert Donaldson of Kingstown Co. Dublin Esq. and  Jane Donaldson Cruise his  wife  lst  part  Thomas  Donaldson  and  William Donaldson of Eccles St in Co. Dublin Esq. in  the  2nd  part and Joseph Francis Hopkins of Possextown Co. Meath 3rd The said Robert Donaldson Jane Donaldson Thomas  and  William Donaldson did grant release etc to Joseph Francis Hopkins all  that and those the undivided moiety at the lower part of  the  town and lands of Castletown Kilpatrick containing 104  acres profitable land 1 acre 2  roods  bog  situate  in  parish  of Castletown Kilpatrick Barony of Morgallen Co. Meath to hold to  the said Joseph Francis Hopkins for ever and  the  same  Jane Donaldson  did  by  manor  deed  with  consent  from   Robert  Donaldson her husband release etc  undivided  moiety  of  the  said lands of Castletown Kilpatrick l2 Nov l827 - which  said  deed as to the executors by  the  said  Robert Donaldson Jane  Donaldson Thos and William Donaldson  witnessed by ?


Nicholas Shelton O’Reilly was our g.g.grandfather and David Erskine Dewar was his wife’s uncle. It seems likely the deed below may relate to when the land was finally surrendered.  We did not have the  time to follow up later deeds – another time !


1877  28/2       O’Reily  Dewar  Knill                        Registered 27/6/1877
Indenture dated 16/6/1877 endorsed on an indenture dated 18/7/1876 [1876  33/146] between 1, Nicholas Shelton O'Reilly; 2, Stuart Knill, Crossletts, Blackheath and David Erskine Dewar, 36 Spencer Square, Ramsgate concerning a sum of £9230. 15s 5d with interest from 18/1 last was then owing in the security of the therein within mentioned indenture of 16/8/1846 and of the therein and within written indenture .... the Nicholas Shelton O'Reilly did grant to Stuart Knill and David Erskine Dewar  their heirs etc the lands etc vested in the said Nicholas Shelton O'Reilly.

Witnesses included 1, Sarah Thorpe, Southpool, Torquay spinster; 2, Frederick John Smith and George Goddard clerks to Ward, Mills, Witham and Lambert solicitors.



[Another distinguished branch of the O’Reilly family lived at Ballinlough County Meath. They are said to be descended from Felim grandson of Grolla Iosa Ruadh who was treacherously captured at Trim in 1447 by Sir John Talbot and died there of the plague towards the close of the year. Felim’s son John lived at Ross Castle an O’Reilly stronghold on Loch Sheclin from which he was evicted by the English.  He then went to live at Kilsheel where his grandson John married Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Plunket of Crosskeel Co. Meath with whom he got the estate of  Ballinlough then called Lough-Bamoyle.  A descendent James O’Reilly married Barbara daughter of Andrew Nugent of Tullaghan she was the maternal granddaughter of Thomas Nugent 4th Earl of Westmeath.  James and Barbara had three sons Hugh b1741  Andrew  b1742 and James .  Andrew was in the Austrian Army and married Maria Barbara Countess of Sweerts & Spork in 1784.  He died in Vienna on 3 July 1882.]


 Deeds looked at Index 126  1786-93 which were not relevant to  John Reilly

420/110/274359: 421/188/274260:  422/241/275961;  422/242/275962:

424/299/276283; 424/396/276449;  427/4/277022


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